There have been many club penguin applications going in and coming out of the App Store but for the first time EVER, there is a FREE one! And it is pretty cool I have to say! Unlike all other club penguin apps in the store, this app gets updated at least once a month! And is flooded with almost 100 different cheats!

To download the app on your ipod touch, iphone, or ipad, just go on your device or computer and search “Club Penguin Cheats App”! It’s that simple! OR YOU CAN JUST CLICK ON THIS LINK RIGHT HERE AND DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

When you search just click on the top one, which is FREE! and you can be on your way with a club penguin cheats app with any worry of having to pay! LOL! I already downloaded it!

It is getting many downloads everyday and I suggest you download it now because we don’t know how long it will remain free! They are I think the best club penguin application creators in the world! They were the first ones to make them in the first place. Why wouldn’t they be the best?!

If you want to get dibs on their latest apps and latest secrets all for free all the time (apart from the Club Penguin Cheats App that is always free) then just add their banner to your website with this code:

<img title="CP Apps" src="; alt="" width="160" height="473" />

To follow the creator of this application and more, go on twitter and follow him @Gwami and you will be glad you did it! He’s great!